Danielle Herrera

Multimedia Journalist

Boston, MA

Danielle Herrera

I am a communications guru with a passion for multimedia storytelling and community and business relations.

I have a Masters of the Arts degree in journalism from Emerson College and a Bachelors degree in English-creative writing with a minor in communications and media from SUNY New Paltz.



The Power of Two

Sharing goals, priorities and dreams with your significant other is not only a great way to build strength in your relationship but it’s also a way to achieve a personal goal you’ve set for yourself. The power of two literally translates to strength in numbers and can be utilized not only in math problems but as an activity for couples to join together and achieve their goals.

Are New Year’s Resolutions Inherently Selfish?

The new year in American culture is the quintessential meaning of new beginnings and change. According to Forbes Magazine, about 40% of all Americans make new year’s resolutions, most of which begin pre-planning those resolutions a few weeks beforehand. Newspapers, television shows, celebrities, they all celebrate the idea of starting off the new year the right way.

Breaking and Building New Habits

Each new year right on January 1st, change happens for millions of Americans. We go back to our days of girl and boy scout troops put our hands to our hearts, set a life goal for ourselves and solemnly swear to stand by it for the rest of the year. Unfortunately for 92% of Americans, those goals are never met and those resolutions remain that uncrossed item on your bucket list.

At Urban College, Walsh reflects on his struggles

Mayor Martin J. Walsh reflected on his personal struggles Sunday during a commencement speech to the Urban College of Boston, telling graduates “you have to keep going.”. “I wasn’t focused in school,” Walsh told 163 students receiving associate of arts degrees or certificates of achievement. “I had dreams and hopes but outside of school I had no direction and I was doing things that I probably shouldn’t have been doing.
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Wanted: More Women Leaders

You can't be what you can't see. Women are gaining ground and empowering young women to eliminate the gender gap in politics and in leadership


Illuminus was the first ever free nighttime public arts festival in Boston, featuring artists, light projections and music to help gain awareness for free public art.

Cycle for Survival Boston 2015

Cycle for Survival raises money and awareness for rare cancers in Boston, Massachusetts.

For public school students, a taste of arts at Emerson

Genesis Lara has wanted to be an actress since she starred in a fourth-grade production of The Emperor’s New Hair. Now a 15-year-old sophomore at Boston Arts Academy, Lara is working to advance her acting skills through a new initiative at Emerson. EmersonPathways is a free program for Boston public high school students that aims to prepare participants for college and give them the space and support to express themselves through the arts.

Touring tap dancer returns to Emerson—as student

Just last year, Leo Manzari was dancing on stage at the Cutler Majestic Theatre with Maurice Hines and other renowned Broadway performers. This year, he’s back in Boston—and hopes to be back on that same stage—as a freshman performing arts student at Emerson College. Manzari spent his teenage years tapping on famous Broadway shows and performing on TV with his brother John.

Stranger than satire: courses provide peculiar perspectives

Students at Emerson might have been disappointed by the recently reported (fake) selfie class, but it wouldn’t have been out of character for Emerson because of its long history of nontraditional classes. Earlier this month, The Daily Currant, an online satirical publication, featured an article about a new “selfies course,” supposedly aimed at teaching students how to take the perfect selfie.

Boston Marathon 2014

The oldest, longest running annual marathon comes back to Boston in full celebration and remembrance a year after the tragic bombings in 2013.

East Boston Immigrants Pursue Citizenship

The East Boston Ecumenical Community Council provides papers and files regarding citizenship to undocumented immigrants striving and struggling to assimilate in American culture.


Danielle Herrera

I have a Masters of the Arts degree in journalism from Emerson College and a Bachelors degree in English-creative writing with a minor in communications and media from SUNY New Paltz.

I was the Features Editor for Emerson's weekly newspaper named, The Berkeley Beacon, a news writer for Emerson's radio station 88.9 WERS and a reporter for their weekly public affairs show, YouAreHere. I also interned at WGBH in their news department on their Innovation Hub radio program. At the moment I work part time at the Boston Globe as one of their correspondents.

I have experience working as a digital media marketer for a company called Site Optimized in Rosendale, NY. There I created and managed content on my client's websites and did social media, audio, video and photo marketing.

I have experience with WordPress, FinalCutX, FinalCutPro, Audacity, Adobe Creative Cloud, Soundslides, WordPress, IMovie, Photoshop, ENPS and more.

I am a multimedia journalist with a passion for storytelling and doing so in a transparent, interactive way.



  • audio production
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  • writing
  • reporting
  • social media marketing
  • digital media marketer
  • video production
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  • website management
  • community outreach
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